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"Am 01.11.2019 gründet Max Bettzig die "Bettzig Media Consulting e.K.".


Das junge Unternehmen bezieht sein erstes Büro im "Mediadeck" am Rödingsmarkt."

In a nutshell

Bettzig Media GmbH is an independent marketing agency, that has specialized in creating professional Cross-Media campaigns for companies based in Germany.

Cross-Media Campaigns

In order to generate the biggest possible impact on the target groups, we are adressing with the campaigns, we use the major newspapers in Germany (DIE WELT, Handelsblatt, FAZ ...) and also distribute the campaigns on Social Networks such as Xing, LinkedIn and Instagram.


In addition, a free e-paper is made available for each campaign on


The e-paper reflects the print newspaper 1 to 1 and is the point of contact for all links in Social Media.

Content Marketing

In terms of content, the Bettzig Media GmbH campaigns are characterized by the fact, that the advertising messages, are conveyed exclusively in the form of content marketing.


Unlike other competitors in the market, the content of our campaigns is NOT for sale.

We work independently at all times from the start to the end of the campaign.

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