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Bettzig Media GmbH founds NaNi E-Sports GmbH!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Bettzig Media will - from today on - also be active in the E-Sport!

Therefore we have found the E-Sport organization "NaNi E-Sports GmbH".

The organization will have their own teams, streamers and sponsors.

Everything you can imagine.

The official brand of the organization is: "Omae Wa You Shindeiru - NaNi?!" and the teamtag will be [NaNi].

For everyone, who is not familiar with the expression (NaNi?!), we warmly recommend this video:

Statement of the Founder, Max Bettzig:

"NaNi E-Sports was founded out of the necessity, to reach the young and very E-Sport engaged generation. We will combine our offer possibilities in print, online and social media with this wonderful new channel. The NaNi organization will continue with our (Bettzig Media) vision: Doing marketing on the highest possible and professional level!
Btw.: We are gamers by heart baby!"

The official logo of the organization:

To the sponsors:

Interested in reaching the young generation with a partner at eye level? We are actively looking for long-term sponsors for our teams and streamers.

Lets talk! :)

Max Bettzig

To the players:

- You are part of a team who is looking for a (new) home? - Or a (young) talent, who is looking for an organization, that is willing and able (yes yes - we know, mouze movie ;D) to invest in your growth?

- Or a streamer, who is looking for a organization with strong contacts to different parts of the German economy?

Contact me!

Max Bettzig

I will read every mail with the same focus - promise!

Don't hesitate!

Let´s make history!

More about NaNi:

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