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[NaNi] announces final League of Legends Roster!

We are very happy, to announce our final LoL-Roster today.

Since LoL is probably the game with the highest E-Sport relevance at the moment, it was especially important for us, to find a team for [NaNi], that shares our very high ambitions in this game.

The roster:

TOP: Philipp "Flippo" Ayen

JGL: Nathan "Nate" West

MID: Fabian "Nelly" Theobald

ADC: Phillip "Devo" Harder - Team Lead

SUP: Till "Guardian" Rihlmann

Statement - Devo:
"Since our signing with [NaNi] in August, we have had a long selection phases, endless test games and many conversations with very interesting personalities.
I am convinced, that we have created a team now, that fits my own and [NaNi]s expectations for the future.
I am happy and proud to be able to represent [NaNi] in the Lol E-Sports area. Our goals and ambitions are far-reaching and I am really looking forward to our time together! Naaaaaniiiiii?!"

The team will start in the next season of "Prime League" for [NaNi] and will fight its way up to the top (Prime League is the official league from RIOT for Germany, Austria and Switzerland -

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