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[NaNi] CS:GO section - 2 big news!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

1. News:

As we all know: E-Sports is a Sport.

And sport team rosters change all the time.

Now [NaNi] also has it´s first big roster change:

Our current CS:GO Main Team looses 3 players to the end of the current season (end of December):

- raffy

- wshbr

- Sammy

We are very sad, but can understand the reasons from everyone. We split off in good terms and wish them all the best for the future. Thanks for being part of [NaNi] and playing under our banner!

You will forever have a place in our hearts <3

This leaves the team with mO and Kryptex. mO will take over the team lead position and will start to build a new Academy Team around himself. We are already in the casting phase. Feel free to reach out to us, if you want to join the [NaNi] CS:GO Crew:

2. News: Our current CS:GO Academy Team will become our new CS:GO Main Team!

We are very lucky, that we have such an outstanding team right at our hands, that can directly take over the Main Team Spot from January 2023 on. Our current CS:GO Academy Team, around mdIN- and flooxii, is performing for months on a constantly high level now. They finished the RCADIA Alive Event on 3rd / 4th place (no game for 3rd place), had a great Bootcamp in the RCADIA last week and just baaaarely missed the promotion in ESEA. We are very sure, that they will rank up directly in the next ESEA season.

From January 2023, our new CS:GO Main Team:

- mdIN-

- flooxii

- Clutchi

- L2_xGod

- trust

Write down that names, cause you will hear a lot from these guys in the future!

(L2_xGod, trust, flooxii, Clutchi, mdIN-)

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