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[NaNi] opens Call of Duty section!

We are happy to announce, that [NaNi] - from today on -, is also represented in Call of Duty Warzone.

Fitting to the launch of "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare II", [NaNi] opens a CoD section and will start to actively search for players to create a strong team, that takes part in leagues and tournaments in the future. We will build the team around a very good friend of our management team, who came up with the idea to join [NaNi] and build up the CoD section.

Some of you might already saw him in one of our streams.

His nickname is: Adifire23.

Check out his TikTok:

Statement Adifire23
"I joined [NaNi], because they are - in my eyes - exactly on the right track: Giving E-Sports a bigger platform in Germany, building a community that is really into gaming and doing so, while staying on a completely professional way.
E-Sport is a sleeping beauty in Germany and [NaNi] is on the right track to wake it up!
A a little about me: I absolutely love gaming. For me, its more like meditation. I can completely relax and switch off all the stressful stuff, that happens around me daily. When I am ingame, I am 100% focused on it.
Another factor is: I can put in all my creativity into gaming. I rly enjoy learning from different situations and perspectives, to create new tactics and strategies to win the game.
In it to WIN it!!!

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