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[NaNi] opens FIFA section!

We are very happy to announce, that [NaNi] from today on also has a FIFA section!

FIFA is one of the games, that every single gamer has at least touched once in his/her gaming history. Especially in Germany we have a very close connection to "Fußball" and FIFA is reaching a very interesting audience for us.

The team will start with Alessandro "Ale" Micoli as Team Lead and also first player under [NaNi] tag in FIFA.

Statement Alessandro "Ale" Micoli:
"I started playing FIFA when I was 9 years old. I like to play Football and I am also a football coach for a youth team in "real life". Its nice to announce that I have found an organization, that shares my passion and supports me. I hope that this partnership will have a successful future and that I can help NaNi to build up a strong legacy in E-Sports."

Stay connected and join our discord server:


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