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[NaNi] signs ESEA CS:GO Team!

We are very happy to announce, that [NaNi] has signed a CS:GO Team, that plays the upcoming ESEA season for us (starting today).

The team is put together from very experienced players, who played on pro/semi-pro level in the past.

The lineup:

Luca "raffsen" Radde

Niki "sammy" Vales

Niklas "DiegoAsmass" Kirschner

Rene "wshbr" Koch

Moritz "mO" Bohm

Statement from the Team Lead, Luca "raffsen" Radde:
In the conversations with the NaNi management, we quickly realized, that we share the same values. The mentality of absolutely never giving up and having a strong bond between each other. We're glad to have found an organization with the same values and vision for the future.
We look forward to working together and build a legacy!

Statement from Max "Rex" Bettzig: We are very happy, that we have found a team, that can skillwise compete on the high level we are aiming for at NaNi. At the same time the team brings a ton of knowledge to the table. Online and Offline. Which suits our vision for our CS:GO section perfectly.
Its great, that we have found an awsm team like this, right from the start and we looking very much forward to working with them!

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