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[NaNi] signs League of Legends Team Lead Duo

We are very happy to announce, that we have signed a duo who will, from today on, lead our League of Legends section!

Phil "Anvelt" and Phillip "Devo" will build up a brand new League of Legends Team for us. The team will join the next season of "Prime League" and will fight their way up to the top (Prime League is the official league from RIOT for Germany, Austria and Switzerland -

Phil and Phillip playing together for years on the BOT Lane and will continue to do so for NaNi.

Statement Phil "Anvelt":
"I've been playing League of Legends for several years now and it was always my dream, to build up a E-Sport team around me, that matches my high ambitions.
In my job I'm always off the stage - but with NaNi I want to be on stage and rock it with the guys! It is a pleasure to build this project from the start with the motivated management team of NaNi E-Sports and to realize our ideas and dreams together.
Our goals are set very high and I am convinced, that we will achieve them with our "all in" mindset".

Statement Max "Rex" Bettzig:
"Finding motivated Team Leads is never easy. In League it was particularly hard, cause our goals in this section are super ambitious.
We are very happy, to now have found a duo, that perfectly matches our conditions. I am expecting a lot good stuff from Phil and Philipp and rly looking forward to working with them!
Let's roll NaNi!"

We are currently looking for TOP and MID (JGL is already found).

Here you can find more information, if you are interested in joining our great team:ür_prime_league_und_co/

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